Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Channel 6 Lawrence: Open forum held to discuss "mishandling of sexual assault" at KU
Tuesday, 09 September 2014 23:04

Open forum held to discuss "mishandling of sexual assault" at KU

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Tuesday night University of Kansas students, faculty and staff, along with members of the Lawrence community gathered at the Ecumenical Campus Ministries on campus. More than 100 people came together to express their feelings and concerns about the "mishandling of sexual assault" at the university.

"We need to treat this as a serious thing with absolute consequences for offenders or victims will continue to not report, victims who do go through the process will continue to feel more abused by reporting, and rapist will continue to be active on our campus," said Emma Halling, acting Student Body President at KU.

Halling's words were echoed by many. Survivors of sexual assault shared their stories as well. A moment of silence was also held for all victims and survivors of sexual assault who one speaker said "are often silenced".

The gathering was coordinated by of University of Kansas students who are calling themselves the "September Siblings." Earlier Tuesday, the group released an anti-recruitment video on YouTube. Along with a petition and list of changes they want to see made in KU policy.

All of the actions are in response to the recent Title IX complaint against the university. Students have taken to social media using #AGreatPlaceToBeUnsafe, #IOSFailedTo, and #ExploreKU regarding the matter. Tuesday night the students and community members said they will continue to react on Twitter and other social media platforms with those hashtags until change is made.